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The GANÉ Business Partner Fund is a sub-fund in which the fund managers and entrepreneurs Dr. Uwe Rathausky and J. Henrik Muhle invest in the world’s best business models together with hand-picked partners from their top-class network. The exclusive group of investors includes renowned family offices, business families, pension funds and private banks.

The GANÉ Business Partner Fund has a high concentration of investments in a few choice companies. By focusing on companies with high business quality, fundamental risks are reduced when making the selection. By business quality, the fund managers define business models, which are characterised in particular by sustainability, defensibility and expansion of an existing competitive advantage, the ability to generate high free cash flows and a long-term growth path with above-average capital yield. The selected companies receive long-term support as an active partner.

As an active and long-term partner of the best business models, investment risks can be reduced and opportunities seized, ensuing from the massive upheaval in the global economy. In a climate of global competition, ever-faster and smarter technologies result in automation of virtually every area of business. For business organisations, which were built up over decades, the world is suddenly changing. The world is becoming more digital and is moving faster. But the organisations, structures and people are for the most part slow and not sufficiently adaptable. Digitisation is binary in its structure. One and zero, winners and losers. It is an attack on mediocrity. The half-life of formerly successful industries and companies is consequently declining dramatically. Abundant losers being offset by few winners. Diversification as an investment concept is to this extent no longer adequate. It is not enough to invest only in companies which have a competitive advantage. Indeed, an existing competitive advantage has to be broadened constantly. The response to all these challenges is as follows:

– Choice of the best companies (“Which company will be stronger in five years than today?”)
– Close and partnership-based contact to the companies (“Having the finger on the pulse.”)
– Best ideas have top priority (“Know what you own, own a few and buy a lot.”)

In summary, the GANÉ Business Partner Fund comprises a very concentrated portfolio of established, and at the same time disruptive and high-yield digitisation winners which have a long-term organic growth path.

The sub-fund is arranged as a special AIF with fixed investment conditions pursuant to Sections 284, 117 KAGB. The units may only be acquired and held by professional investors within the meaning of Section 1 (19 No. 32) KAGB and semi-professional investors within the meaning of Section 1 (19 No. 33) KAGB. An investment is only possible following receipt of the subscription certificate by the company. The number of investor places is limited. The minimum investment volume is 5 million euros.

The fund is currently closed for new investments. Interested parties can be added to a waiting list.

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